It all started with...

I wanted to change the world... but so many would say.. you can't change the world!

Through my life and work experiences I never gave up that mission. Over a decade in SaaS, Business Consulting, Operational Management, Training & Performance, Customer Success, Learning & Development, many process imporvements, team/leadership development and systems implementations and improvements I realised... I CAN change the world!

One person, one team, one system, one process, one organisation at a time!

So I have created my brands which reflects my spirit, experience and passion to support others in achieving their dreams and beyond and encourage and enable them to help others to do the same.. This became The Firefly Effect!

The light of your mind, It flickers on blind. It glows like fireflies Illuminating the skies.

To your ideas there is grace Which the world will try erase As they nonchalantly place A glass jar over your face

Your light will die out In the dark, you’ll suffocate, no doubt So you must fight and fly about And figure your own route.

Break free, think bright Let yourself shine in the night For you are a firefly in flight And the world needs your light.

Let's change the world together!

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